Step Into the Flow

Step Into the Flow

My waking moments ought to be filled with awe, ease and elegance that remind me how invigorating it is to be alive. In reality, I frequently get caught up being reactive to my environment instead of gracefully choosing my behaviors or responses.

Recently, I was unnecessarily unhinged by something trivial. After a day of back-to-back meetings, I took a taxi to pick up my children from school, since it was going to be more convenient than taking public transportation. The cab driver did not want to use my preferred route to my destination, so we argued. He suggested that I was being an unreasonable backseat driver, and I accused him of driving out of the way for a higher fare. I wish I had been more patient and more gracious. After all, I was certainly going to arrive at my destination. I disliked myself for engaging in a petty spat with a stranger instead of sparing myself the emotional turmoil. Looking back at this incident, I wondered how I can change the way I experience my life.

How can I enjoy life as a great adventure? I have discovered some small, tangible ways to increase the likelihood of the best possible outcome, with fun and creativity. Tapping inside to my core, my pure consciousness, focusing on certain key elements, allows a grander version of my daily life to take hold. It is about distilling the essence of what is important in order to expand my experiences.

I start with envisioning the perfect end result and identifying the components that make it just right. I want to be more patient. The important aspects are the ability to let the little things roll off my back and to communicate with grace. So I visualize myself in a small storm, remaining calm with a warm smile on my face. Flood the senses with that imagination of gliding harmoniously through life. Meditate on the intentions of the process. My intentions are to feel satisfied and peaceful, knowing that I have decided to keep my cool. I am more able to release anxiety, go with the flow, and accept whatever happens. Follow concrete steps to set yourself up for success: get enough sleep; eat well; give yourself time and space to recharge, so that you are not being reactive due to being stressed and stretched.

Once things are in place, remember to have fun. The fun version of you is relaxed and open to possibilities. Delightful, unplanned, and spontaneous things can come your way with grace and effortlessness. You can touch the wildness in your heart, the raw center of who you are. Time seems to expand. Life appears in Technicolor, and it feels irrelevant which way the cabbie takes to school.

I have erected the pillars of my vision for the most awesome experience by focusing on a few key things. Aside from that, I allow the most optimal situation to unfold. Step into the flow of your energy field and ride it. In those moments it feels as if the perfect thing falls out of nowhere into my lap and I know that I am living the dream.

Mila Atmos is a columnist whose work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Quartz, and Medium.

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